Rep. Rod Blum Introduces Four New Additions to Drain The Swamp Package

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Washington, January 8, 2018 | comments

Continuing to advocate for Draining the Swamp, Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA) has introduced four new bills to add to his “Drain the Swamp” Package.

Bills Introduced by Congressman Blum:

  • Fiscal Responsibility Act (H.R. 4512) will cut the pay of Members of Congress each year the federal budget is not balanced. No longer will Members be rewarded for failing to do their job.

  • No Golden Parachutes for Public Service Act (H.R. 4511) will prohibit former Members of Congress from lobbying Members, officers, or employees of Congress.

  • No Congressional Vehicle Leases Act (H.R. 4510) will ensure taxpayer dollars are not used to pay for car leases over 30 days.

  • No Congressional First Class Flights Act  (H.R. 4509) to protect taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for 1st Class flight upgrades for Members of Congress.

  • Thoroughly Investigating Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Act (H.R. 69) a bipartisan bill recently signed into law that reauthorized the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an agency vital to preventing waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government.

  • Bills Co-Sponsored by Congressman Blum:

    • Original Co-Sponsor of Rep. Desantis’ H. J. Res. 6, Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to limit the number of terms that a Member of Congress may serve, limiting members of the House of Representatives to three terms and members of the Senate to two terms.

    • Original Co-Sponsor of Rep. Desantis’ H.R. 4494, the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act, to prohibit the use of public funds used to pay sexual harassment settlement claims.

    • Original Co-Sponsor of Rep. Desantis’ H.R. 322, the End Pensions in Congress (EPIC) Act to rid taxpayer funded pensions for Members of Congress.

    Additionally, Congressman Blum is currently exploring legislative opportunities to tie the pay of Congressional Members to the pay of the average American. Rep Blum stated, “Legislators should feel the pressure and squeeze of the American people. As a small business owner I know first hand, if a business is losing money, employees don’t get a raise-- the same should hold true for Members of Congress.”

    Last fall Congressman Blum joined a United States Supreme Court hearing Gill v. Whitford amicus brief to support eliminating partisan gerrymandering to hold elected officials accountable to their district.

    Full text of the mentioned bills is linked above.

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