Rep. Blum Announces Original Cosponsorship of Bipartisan Bill to Eliminate Sexual Harassment Payouts with Taxpayer Dollars

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Washington, November 30, 2017 | comments
Congressman Blum has announced he is an original cosponsor of Rep. Ron Desantis’ bipartisan legislation, H.R. 4494, the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act. This legislation is in response to the recent discovery of over $17 million in taxpayer dollars used to payout victims of harassment on Capitol Hill.

“Constituents in my district are outraged their hard-earned tax dollars are being used to pay off the actions of sexual offenders in Congress. This legislation must pass to undo these abhorrent actions, and as soon as possible. I urge House leadership to make this bill a priority and identify those who committed these violations.”

H.R. 4494 will prohibit the use of public funds used to pay sexual harassment settlement claims. The bill would also require a report from the Office of Compliance within 30 days of enactment. The report would disclose the specific amounts paid for settlements, the source of public funds, and identify the office and individual who committed the violations. In addition to being identified publicly, the perpetrators would be required to return the money from their settlement back to the U.S. Treasury, with interest. Past agreements with victims have contained non-disclosure prerequisites; H.R. 4494 would void those clauses and prevent non-disclosure in future assault procedures.
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