Congressman Rod Blum Finishes Busy First Two Weeks

Focuses on Common Sense Agenda

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Washington, DC, January 16, 2015 | comments

Newly elected First District Congressman Rod Blum has wrapped up a busy first two weeks in Congress. Since being sworn in on January 6th, Rep. Blum has focused on a common sense agenda geared towards increasing opportunities for working families and reining in the hyperactive executive branch.

Top highlights include casting votes in support of H.R. 3, the Keystone XL Pipeline; H.R.37, the Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act; H.R. 22, the Hire More Heroes Act.  Rep. Blum said: “These common sense pieces of legislation enjoy bipartisan support and will lead to more jobs and higher wages for working families and veterans while reducing red tape for small businesses.”  Additionally, Representative Blum voted in favor of H.R. 240, Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, saying “The President cannot simply ignore Congress and bypass the legislative process, and the bill we passed rolls back his attempts to do so while fully funding the Department. It's my hope that the President will now come to the table and work with Congress to find solutions that secure our border and fix our immigration system.”

Congressman Blum also signed on as an original co-sponsor to several key pieces of legislation in his first two weeks: H.J. Res. 14, U.S. Term Limits; H.J. Res. 1, which proposes a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution; and H.R. 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (Audit the Fed). “I chose to co-sponsor these bills right away because they address two of the biggest problems facing the country: runaway deficit spending and career politicians who have forgotten that the people are their bosses. I look forward to doing everything I can to recruit more support for these bill and hope to see them come up for a vote on the House floor soon.”

Rod Blum is the Republican Congressman in Iowa’s 1st District. He is a member of the Budget and Oversight & Government Reform Committees.


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