Rep. Blum Cosponsors Bill to Protect Social Security and Medicare

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WASHINGTON, October 10, 2018 | Alexah Rogge (202-225-2911) | comments
Congressman Blum recently cosponsored H.Res.1026 to express the sense of the House that Medicare and Social Security must be protected for current enrollees and preserved for future generations.

Rep. Blum commented, "Growing up, my mother was dependent on Social Security survivor benefits to put food on the table after my father passed— I personally understand the importance and necessity of these benefits. Iowans have worked hard and paid into the Social Security system with the expectation that these funds will be available upon retirement. Both parties in Congress must work together to enact responsible long-term reforms that will protect both current and future retirees- and this bill confirms my commitment to do so."

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