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  • Hurricane Relief: Politics as Usual
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on October 17, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Spending Cuts and Debt

    The most recent hurricane relief package voted on in the House is yet another egregious example of “politics as usual” in Washington DC. I’m referring to the practice of adding bad policy to must pass bills because career politicians know that the add-ons would never pass as standalone legislation. Most problematic was the recent bill's provision canceling $16 billion of the NFIP's debt without making any reforms whatsoever. NFIP was nearly $25 billion in debt prior to this season's hurricanes a... Read more

  • The significance of the Supreme Court case on extreme partisan gerrymandering
    Posted in Opinion Pieces on September 29, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Reforming Congress

    It is a privilege to live in a country where someone like myself, raised by parents with 10th grade educations, can live the American dream. I am a small businessman, a coach, a father, a husband -- not a career politician. I ran for office because I believe in the American dream -- the faith that education, initiative, and hard work can earn anyone a better life in this country -- is a dream worth defending. I was raised to believe that in America, the greatest country on Earth, each of us has ... Read more

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